The Parc

Undoubtedly, once you have seen it, you will agree, the park is silent, spacious, simply paradise. During decades, the owners of Villa Mas St Jean spent a fortune to make it special and beautiful as it has become. The domain has a surface of 6.000 m² and has a vast variety of plants and trees, oleanders, palm trees and ancient olive trees. It is also the home of a family of squirrels, and probably a lot more …


Because the property is completely enclosed by a wall and only accessible through a large electrical gate, and surrounded by fruit plantations from the famous house of Chabas, guests enjoy maximum privacy and security. Certainly also ideal with children because they can’t wonder off or get lost.


Feel the provence

Walking through the park makes you aware of the colours so typical for the Provence. The house is kept cool by three impressive and huge sycamore trees. At sunset you can switch on the lights in the park. Either from the terrace in front of the house or from the terrace alongside the swimming pool, the lighten park is a beautiful and unforgettable sight.